Monofilament Yarn

Yarn Description

We are leading manufacturer of Nylon Monofilament yarn in all thickness and colors. Offering HDPE-Monofilament yarn in 0.18mm to 0.35mm with better strength and shining. Such yarn is used in finished products like Stitching cone and scrubber yarn as well as braiding and fabric cloth. As a result, it is widely used in plastic industries for various purposes such as stitching and jari lace, as well as kasab, and embroidery work. Stitching thread yarn produce from High and fine grade plastic material so, it is widely used for stitching clothes. Because of Round Shape it is used in bag and heavy material stitching. Mono yarn is widely use by Pharma and cloth making Industry. More need because, it is giving high strength and uniform stitching.

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